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Saturday, February 04, 2012

the halfway milestone

Just finished writing chapter 6 of the prequel, roughly 70,000 words written. All the key characters are set up for the conflict that will take them through the journey that is the second half of the story. (And, of course, the title of the book - "the Fall" - will be explained!) I am very satisfied to have made it this far and I am now heavily invested in finishing the journey.

Notwithstanding the above milestone being reached, I am finding the drafting of this book the hardest of all the books that make up the Panopticon series. Perhaps it is writer's fatigue generally, perhaps I am just tired of this story and these characters, perhaps I am finding writing part time exhausting when I already have a demanding day job that is draining of itself.

It is a source of frustration because I know, given it is a prequel, where I need to end the story (eg characters' fates) and all the key markers in the plot from start to end. These constraints make me feel a bit like I am in a brown paper bag, pushing to break out of it to breathe more freely. The writing is less dynamic because I cannot head off onto a tangent to explore a new/different story sub-plot if the characters' motivations suggest it is a path worth exploring. Less exploration makes the writing process a bit too disciplined for my tastes.

I should stop complaining. I have reached a major milestone and that is worth celebrating. I am refreshed after a 10 day break from the day job, and returning to that mayhem is only a day away.


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