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Why transition girl?... Best answered by a quote from the Iliad....."The soul was not made to dwell in a thing; and when forced to it, there is no part of that soul but suffers violence."

Friday, November 18, 2011

the evolving plot

I am adjusting to a new management regime of embracing my inner Buddhist, all to cope with a faulty heart. Is it possible to be regimented and Zen at the same time? I can envisage some radical lifestyle changes in the not to distant horizon.

It is taking me to a better place writing wise. The writing mojo is returning now that my well-being is back on track. All while I countdown the weeks to the second novel being available through online retailers like Amazon just in time for Christmas. It is actually already available now directly through the publisher and I've set up a link on my author website so early purchasers can find their way there:

I am drafting the fourth novel at the moment. It has taken me 30,000 words to find my way on this one. The plot was neatly mapped out when I started drafting but I just have not been happy with how it has been coming together. I've refined my storyboard scene by scene map three times already while I have been drafting trying to figure out a coherent internally consistent story arc. Finally figured out thematically how it might hang together (last week) and, over the last few days, had not one but two eureka moments on how characters interact and introducing one more Point of View (POV) perspective that will give the story flesh beyond bone.

Those sorts of moments are uncommon and incredibly satisfying. As an author, it makes me feel like what I am producing is going to be really good when I have those moments. I really like the way a novel's plot evolves as I write the story. It is a dynamic part of the creative process that no writer should ever fear, a reminder to go where the story is taking you, and explore the possibilities.

After my moments, I prompty refined my storyboard a fourth time and wrote a meaty scene in record time today. Tomorrow I will churn out an extra scene because I am on a roll.

I even had time this week to submit a half a dozen of my poems (yes, I write the short stuff when the mood takes me) to the Doire Press annual fiction and short story competition. I selected my set based on the theme of grief and loss, tweaked them a little, then realised that I write a lot about this theme. Made me wonder why I do that. Opened up a whole new can of philosophical worms to consider.


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