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Saturday, March 12, 2011

procrastination moment number 108

I'm now into the second day of a long weekend (technically not for me as I trodded off to work for several hours today to do work proper as the week ahead is looking like a bit of a bitch) and I haven't done any creative writing. Not because I have writers' block, as I have been waking up morning after morning this week with new ideas for trilogy plot development, but because I've felt a bit out of sorts for no apparent reason and this has led to several extended periods of procrastination.

I do not believe procrastination is a bad thing of itself. The process of my pottering around and doing nothing that even remotely resembles thinking seems to clear my head and I inevitably find the flow of words is so much better at the tail end of that empty mind period.

It has been a longer stretch than usual this week as every time I've thought to write something down, I've done something all together different instead. This week, I've:

(1) organised a holiday for July trekking from Broome to Darwin including Kakadu then home via Brisbane. Mostly want to be somewhere far away from coughing people who might infect me with yet another throat infection and it doesn't get any more remote than the Kimberleys.

(2) spent much of the week in an email exchange with the owner of a tornado chasing tour company anticipating the organising proper that I'll start early next year to bring together the last activity on my list of "must do before I die" holiday experiences...something for next July probably...and asking a few friends if they are interested in joining me knowing that I'll likely go irrespective of whether I have company or not. While most people I know are not really enamoured with the idea of getting that close to nature's fury, lucky for me, I know some people who are seriously into water and photography.

(3) been up and down an emotional rollercoaster at work with more organisational structure navel gazing occurring without the people potentially affected (myself included) being consulted...nothing new there...though I do get a bit more anxious about my own job security when such ideas are being bandied about above me (and I stumble upon the conversations I was not meant to hear)...

(4) my 'usual' response to such anxiety - embarked on a major dvd shopping exercise, all online. Can't even remember how many I ordered though spent no more than $13 for any one 'classic' acquired. Bargain shopping.

(5) watched season six of Weeds - that show is addictive.

(6) dipped my toe back into online social dating starting an email exchange with some green engineer who on paper at least appears as quirky as me...might even venture into face to face coffee territory in a week or so if I can muster the courage.

As you can see from the above list, there hasn't been a lot of writing. I did jot down some markers for a poem about the perfect day (not necessarily in this order) - movies, music, food, fucking, sleep - but never got around to actually writing the piece.

It IS a long weekend and I have one more whole day where I can procrastinate just a tad longer and then start writing!


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