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Thursday, December 16, 2010

time for think music

The title of this week's blog comes from a sports commentator (who's name I cannot even remember) of the grand game of australian rules football, who used to call the Saturday afternoon games covered with religious fervour on the local television station. The phrase "time for think music" was coined to describe when a player had no one on the paddock in front of him, no one bearing down on him to land a tackle and knock him hard to the ground, could bounce the ball not once not twice but perhaps even three times as he moved closer towards the goal, and the rarified luxury of being able to think (rather than just instinctively react) about what to do next.

I rarely have time for think music. I rarely have "free time" (the other phrase I tend to use when I am sitting waiting for someone to show up and use the few spare minutes to contemplate the world). The lead up to Christmas has only added to the juggling act that is trying to manage a full time (sometimes well beyond that) demanding professional career as an adviser with a part time fiction writing passion.

One extra demand is entertaining mater, who is in town for two weeks and (even though she is low maintenance relatively speaking) needs at least some of my attention. Other extra demands are the social functions that, in theory, could occupy every single evening of December. One December just before I left Canberra was just like that. Twenty four parties in thirty days. It took me two months to recover. My body was very unimpressed by the over-indulgence. I now limit the functions to the 'core' stuff (one work function only and functions involving closet friends) and am not drinking at the moment to manage the exhaustion.

I did have one positive distraction late last week. Made contact with a prospective agent, who specialises in fantasy fiction, and the agent showed some enthusiasm to read my manuscript come the end of the silly season. It is only a foot in the door but it is a start. I guess it is one of the downsides of changing genres from the first novel to the second - I have to shop my product around all over again. Another thing to add to the mix of stuff keeping me busy, burning the candle at both ends with a bunsen burner flaming away at the centre.

I'd rather be a hermit. I just want to write. I want time for think music.


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