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Why transition girl?... Best answered by a quote from the Iliad....."The soul was not made to dwell in a thing; and when forced to it, there is no part of that soul but suffers violence."

Friday, May 07, 2010

still procrastinating (moment number 23 for today)

I am unable to concentrate on anything at the moment. It’s going to be one of those days. Filled with a bustle of activity seeing friends in the morning, friends in the afternoon, and friends in the evening. I’ve baked, I’ve cleaned, and I’ve been for a walk. Some might say I’ve had a very productive few hours so far but the truth is my mind is drifting in and out of lucidness that comes with my procrastination days.

Don't usually count my procrastination moments - if I did I'd be spending my whole day counting.

Some procrastination highlights from the week that was…

(1) I'm actually a Cristina - anglocised it to get over my aversion to the letter H...always think I'm in trouble when my name proper is used. My middle names also are proudly H free. Not a H in sight.

(2) My "day job" work puzzle for the next few weeks is figuring out how to do more with less. My team of crack commando pen pushers dwindled in numbers with a restructure. Resilient Gen-Yers - taking it all in their stride. And in the meantime I just can’t bring myself to take a short break because I worry about the impact this change will have on their longer term stress levels. Stress has a way of building up over prolonged periods of pressure and when it reaches critical mass it is not pretty. I will do all that I can to avoid putting people in this situation.

(3) Children, like animals, seem to like me (animals can tell when someone is a soft marshmallow - it's just an instinct thing) but I wish I had better skills to deal with them. Spent 24 hours with my 12yo nephew once and I have never experienced exhaustion like it. My friends Know best to seek out other baby sitters to avoid industrial accidents with their toddlers. I can manage better when they are not so fragile.

(4) I have been mistaken for a spy (mentioned scuba diving to a fellow sitting next to me on a plane and he just Assumed and I ran with it as you do), have worked for an ex-spy, and have lived with a spy (flat mate who was SO plain vanilla shared a house with him for six months before we realised we shared the same birthday)...but alas NO i am not a spy. Besides, if I was, I couldn't tell you...we call ourselves spooks - seriously - and prefer wearing beige trench coats. My cover is a mild-mannered opinion maker. I like talking about rational behaviour in people and then point out that the real world is nothing like politicians. They are apparently evil.

(5) I do like the mornings. ALOT. City smog somehow makes the sunrise pretty. I can pretend it's not pollution that is doing that – sometimes. I like the fish - I want them to stay in the oceans - birds need them. Balance is important.

(6) My personal favourite interview question to ask is how many hairs are there on a dog? You can tell much about a person by the way they answer it. Apparently.

(7) I do not have an iPhone. My choice of phone was based on a poem I heard:
"there's a thing in my pocket, but it's not one thing - it's many. it's the same as other things, but exactly like nothing else. it has an eye and an ear, and shares what billions hear and see. it's not a living thing, but if you feed it, it will grow. if it rallies the masses, it can silence a crowd. it can speak a thousand words, but it has no voice. it can find you the places so you can get lost, and it can let others feel what you've just been touched by. there's a thing in my pocket, but it's not one thing - it's many."
Some advertisements influence me. Like I liked the giant blue plasticine rabbit forming to a Rolling Stones song...didn't care whether the product was any good, the bunny sold the TV for me. Rational. Not. Pick the brands.

(8) My taste in movies alternates between B-grade action and movies about redemption. In the latter category was the film Let the Right One In - Swedish child vampire flick. Lots of snow and darkness and lily white skin. Blood contrast every now and then but not horror. Whimsical. I liked it.

(9) All my Gen-Y friends have iPhones - they say the things are good for everything except actually using them as a phone. I'm a traditionalist - I like my phone to be fit for purpose (though I do like being able to look up the weather radar before I walk out the door each day - only because I like playing chicken with the storms...). Not a big phone user - prefer the written word and actual face time. Something to be said for being able to touch the person you are engaging, literally. I am a wee bit tactile - like to get my hands dirty. The phone selling the poem was a Nokia.

Well that’s enough diatribe for today. I have to focus now...


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